8 Ways to Have Fun When You’re a Woman in Her Naughty Forties

Age is just a number! If you are feeling naughty, raunchy and sexy in your 40s, then there is nothing to be embarrassed of. And, if you are experiencing some gloom, then it’s about time to fire up your sex life. Give it a go girl and let your hair loose – because you won’t get a chance to relive your 40s again anytime later!

So, here are some wickedly fun tips to make the most of your 40s:

Explore the World

Now that your children are independent and a little grown up, ditch a few days of the daily grind for travel escapades. Go single or with your badass girl gang for a carefree holiday. Or, how about going for an all-sex vacation with your partner? Don’t forget to buy sex products to get more adventurous behind the doors.

Take Up a Steamy Dance Class

Missing the chemistry in your relationship? Revive your hotness quotient by enrolling in salsa, bachata, pole or belly dance. Show off your sensual moves in front of your partner. We promise he will literally claim you hard and fast!

Cook to Seduce

Ever heard of aphrodisiac cooking? Whip up something delicious love potions in your kitchen to get into the mood. Awaken yours and his senses with food foreplay. Within no time, you both would be screaming with pleasure.

Transform Every Place Into Sex Battleground

Your bedrooms can get lacklustre and may not excite after having spent years doing sex in it. Notch up your imagination. Try it on the kitchen slab, on the living room floor, in the shower and against the wall. Get a room in the hotel. And, if you are not afraid to dare, you can start with some heavy petting in public places and finish off the climax in the four confines of the wall.

Indulge in Roleplay

Why try the same old foreplay and sex positions? Infuse some excitement with role play and embark on a sexual voyage. You can become a stripper and give him a lap dance. You could play professor-student or a stranger in the bar. Get wild with naughty ideas.

Sneak Mischievous Surprises for Him

A little erotic note in his briefcase, laptop bag or pocket can serve as an excellent tease. Send him a photo of you in a sexy dress or maybe in nothing. Don’t be surprised if he knocks your door sometime later. You didn’t leave any option for the poor aroused chap!

Experiment with Your Look

Change your hairstyle or dressing sense. You would be surprised how a new look can create wonders for your 40s. Seeing you confident in your body and attitude will tantalize him to no extent.

Please Your Body On Your Own

The mood can strike anytime, anywhere. But, if your partner is missing in action for some reason, go for masturbation sex toys meant entirely for women pleasure. Have fun with vibrators and dildos.

The life has just begun at the 40s. Don’t let it go waste.