Social Darwinism – the success and survival of the fittest – has no better real world example than the escort business. It is truly free market in the purest form. Escorts compete with each other to have the best agencies in the town they in to represent them. Escort agencies against each compete to sign the best escort girls onto their books, preferably on an exclusive basis. Or as close to it as possible. Escort agencies compete with each other for the best ranking on the internet search engines, with all the dark arts and hard work that this involves. The same escort agencies compete to get access to the best connected introducers, concierge services and to set up exclusive deals with the `people running the VIP rooms at the best night clubs.

And whether you look at the escorts or the escort agencies, the competitive spirit and activity is fierce. Whether you are an escort striving to be the very best escort Malaga has ever seen, or the best connected and finest escort agency in Europe, you will be competing fiercely with women and firms that are spending their every waking moment working on new ways to best you and out do you. And you will spend the same waking hours working on ways to do the same to them. And it gets worse.

No matter how good you are or how successful you are as a high class escort or as an international escort agency, there will be new women and firms coming to get you and take your crown. As a woman working as an escort, there will always be new women coming along who have better figures or prettier faces, are more sexy, more intelligent. Or who are just younger. And as an escort agency you can never rest on your laurels. Not for a single day. There will always, always be someone looking to usurp you. Whether it is a direct competitor or something such as an escort directory which does not compete directly but which takes your “real estate” on the front page of the search engines.

People misunderstand and misquote Darwin. The fittest do not survive. Those who survive are those most able to successfully adapt to their environment. That is the way Darwinism and the sex industry work.