Do Women Prefer Well-Endowed Men?

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether the size of the penis really matters when it comes to sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Some women argue that it’s not about the size, but what the man does with his penis that matter. But others believe otherwise.

So the question becomes, does the size matter?

According to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, women prefer men who are well endowed because it predicts a man’s sexual appeal. The Australian National University researchers displayed life-size, computer-generated images of men with varying height, body shape and penis size to 100+ women. These women then rated the sexual attractiveness of the images. The findings indicated that women preferred taller men with narrow hips and broader shoulders. The women in the study also chose penises that were larger than what was supplied.

Going by the research, the penis size influences the sexual appeal of a man and is just as crucial as height – a common aspect in male attractiveness. It also revealed that bigger penises are perfect, but were more appealing on taller men than short ones.

It’s crucial to note that woman rank other characteristics like trustworthiness and overall attractiveness as more important than the size of the penis. More preferences have to do with functionality than aesthetics. Although giant penises might be exciting for a night, the after pain can also become less appealing for a long-term commitment.

What do women want from their male partners?

Although the study points out that most women prefer bigger penises, it doesn’t mean that that’s what they want from their partners. In fact, more than the penis size, women want a partner who is caring and tender. Discovering how a woman likes to be caressed and touched tends to make for better sex. It is inaccurate to believe that a woman’s priority during sex is to be penetrated with a big penis. The truth is that a woman’s pleasure doesn’t come from inside her vagina, but from outside – the clitoris. And from the looks of things, one doesn’t need a giant penis to stimulate this part. During sex, the vagina adapts the size of the penis, widening, deepening and lubricating when aroused, so in this case, size is not as important.

It’s therefore critical for men to master what their partners love, and capitalize on that. They should also set out to discover more to spice up their bedroom. Luckily today, and thanks to the internet, people have access to endless learning resources. A simple click on a VR porn site will open one up to thousands of tips and tricks to do in bed. It’s even perfect when both partners can immerse themselves in such experiences, and try out new things.

 What makes good sex?

Good sex has nothing to do with performance. Worrying about the penis size only leads to performance anxiety, which in turn causes erectile difficulties and other sexual issues. Good sex is more of being lost in the moment, as opposed to focusing on other things.