Greater Options For the Proper Sex Toys Now

Times have changed: a few years ago, under the Trump regime, sex was taboo, people could not talk about sex openly. Three decades after, USA is experiencing a real sexual revolution, allowing sex to become a real business.

Despite changing customs, the Communist Party still prohibits and punishes pornography and most sexual protests in the name of protecting the traditional values ​​of USA, and it is still taboo to talk about sex in public. The sex industry is trying to accelerate the opposite trend.

USA sex toys

The global sex toy market is estimated at $ 15 billion each year. USA already has a stranglehold on the market for sex toys: the country is the 1 set world exporter of sex toys, producing over 70% of adult toys available in the world, with over 1,000 companies, generating about $ 2 billion dollars per year. After an industry mainly focused on exporting, the trend is now to import and manufacture to meet USA’s domestic growth demand. Now that the best Manufacturer of Sex Toys are taking care of the process you can be sure of the quality.

The sex toys market today represents more than two billion dollars in USA. Taking advantage of the trend, manufacturers are redoubling their creativity and imagination to entertain their customers.

Last year, more than 50,000 dolls were sold in USA, Turkey, Korea and Japan, with 85% of production sold in USA. The American company, which has been specializing in the production of sex toys for three years, has seen its turnover explode in the space of a year. Faced with such success, she has developed a range of 13 different inflatable dolls.

  • Sex toys are selling a lot on the Internet. It is therefore necessary for American brands of sex toys to offer the sale of their products online.
  • The 11th annual exhibition of the capital, in southern USA, was held last year, with the official theme “healthy sex, happy families”. The three-day festival is a ritual that marries capitalism and hedonism.
  • Last year’s exhibition welcomed thousands of visitors, mostly middle-aged men, who waved their camera and camera for three consecutive days.

The overwhelming majority of men at the festival reflect a demographic imbalance that USA faces after decades of one-child politics and a cultural preference for boys combined with illegal selective abortions. In province, home to a population of 30 million migrant workersthe largest in USAthe scarcity of single women arouses the desire of men, as is the case in most of the world. USA. These desires have largely contributed to the rise of the national sex toys industry.

To attract potential buyers, companies attending this festival redouble their creativity by setting up various activities and shows, such as pole dance shows.

The trend is the same everywhere in the country: hair salons where women are dressed provocatively compete with erotic massage parlors, and some people are paid to slip business cards under the door of hotel rooms.