How to know if we are in love?

You get up, you think of him or her, you go to bed, you think about it again. But that’s not all, a traffic jam and your mind wander near or near her. Forgot the other cars, the frowning drivers flying, your thoughts are far away! Even better, a boring meeting? A binding appointment? As soon as possible, as soon as you are no longer in the heat of the questions or it is no longer for you to speak: you think back to the elected of your heart! Everything becomes easier: he or she exists, he or she accompanies you everywhere, life is more beautiful, people much more enjoyable! You are with them just at the very least!

You sing without stop!

Even if you’re not an avid music lover, also if the music usually does not give you more joy than that and that often it’s little more than a soundtrack for you. All of a sudden, you live the music, the least word speaks to you, reminds you for a moment with the loved one, the smallest melody makes you vibrate.

Butterflies in the belly

When you are in love, talking to the other, rubbing shoulders with her, feeling her near you is a delight and torture!

Your whole body is in turmoil as if winter had just left and a wonderful spring was finally coming! Your heart beats harder; your hands are moist, the throat is dry; sometimes, the gestures a little jerky. You have to get used to this happiness. It’s not so common to be in love: to be in perfect harmony heart/body and soul with another human being! This is a small miracle; your brain knows it! And it does not have the easy task; it must remain the conductor of a body that swarms in all directions, which tends to forget the societal customs what a challenge!

Even His Faults Wait for You

One of the last points that drives the point to find out if we are in love: it is to realize that even the manias of the other, which could pass for default or which usually your acquaintances, even at home, you exasperate the highest point there, suddenly you find it charming!

At home, it’s so good, so much better, if not so much more.

The demand

couple laughing

“With Irene, I was attentive to what I said when, order, with women, I’m rather careless and playful, explains Georges. I do not want to spread my life, on the contrary, to maintain a secret garden to protect her from what he could have blessed. I feel respect for her, and I know that I love because I make efforts to keep. Laurence, meanwhile, says that “some days, I love more; I feel indifferent. Then, thanks to a gesture made, as banal as passing in the hair, or a reflection rather than in the language that I can understand, I am troubled, moved. I know then that love is there, even if it sometimes becomes imperceptible.”

Time, respect, trouble, proof, variant according to the individuals. “But above all, they prove nothing,” says Alain Guy, a psychoanalyst, and professor at Paris-VIII. They are an attempt to know something of love, while love and knowing are two opposing notions. Love is magic, something incongruous that has survived in history and is of the unknown, unconscious. There is nothing to do with reason. But this irruption so upsets the subject that he tries to restore logic, meaning, to be sure he is not crazy. When we love, we spend our time questioning the other to decipher the place he occupies in it.

No doubt, you are addicted!