Obviously image is still very important in society and also for women in the escort industry. Most of our ladies do have professional pictures taken in order to promote themselves in the best possible light. But if they are unable to take a good selfie would that damage there chances of getting work ? Would you like a little mystery in your photos or do you want to see everything out there all of the time? Once an image is out there its out there for all time, no matter how hard you try to hide it or remove it.. So if you are thinking about sex work, think about not only now but the future as well.

Times are changing and in a few years time seeing the woman who is now your grandmother having sex with strangers as a youngster might be totally acceptable but it needs thinking about before you join in that shoot or sign up for that web site. A lot of the girls who work as escorts for agencies like Gran Canaria Beauties do not want their pictures out there as they are worried about parent and boyfriends or future employers etc. Most high class escorts are also concerned for the clients discretion and safety too. Fancy being the subject of an unauthorised video? Maybe not. Just Google Max Mosley sex video to see how awkward that can be.

So what is attractive? Its all a matter of taste and exposure. Its only something that you can decide and if you find images that are not attractive its simple…stop looking, find the things that give you pleasure and move on. However don’t judge seeing someone’s image however its portrayed. It does not mean that you know their story and in this snap happy world things can change in an Instagram…

By the way, for me, I choose to look at beautiful and glamour images, pictures that show the best in people and if that takes a little make up or photo shop then good for them. Too much of life is harsh and cold so a little beauty and style make for a sweeter day. This is not to say I shy from reality. Trust me folks in this business you get to see a whole lot of reality.