Looking for love on adult dating sites – is it a good idea?

Wait…what? Did we just say finding love whilst naughty dating? That seems a little contradictory, surely if you want love you should look for mainstream dating sites that deal with real couples and all that stuff? This isn’t exactly the question we are trying to answer. We’re not saying you should go looking for love through adult dating, we all know that’s not a great idea. No, what we are wondering is if you can find love whilst you are sex dating. Basically you go there for fun and you end up falling for one of your (many) conquests. Why? You think that can’t happen?

Okay, so why would you fall in love with a casual partner? Well, beyond the fact that hook-ups without strings might be really good, you might just find yourself in a position where you are spending time with someone and actually really enjoying it. Lust is a strong feeling, it’s a driving force. Sometimes it is so strong that we confuse it with love. After all it shows similar symptoms to love: it makes our heart race, we think about it all the time and it is all round just plain addictive.

Just like when you’re in love and you want to spend all your time with that person; your lust will make you want to constantly be in bed with that latest partner you’ve found on localshags.com. Once you’re addicted to having fun with someone, you want to see them all the time. The bottom line is that you might just think that you are in love; but in fact you’re just enjoying your time with your new found partner.

This all contrasts with being into a serious relationship where everything feels conditional. You can’t get any down-time unless you’ve done your chores, and sex often seems to be withheld until you ‘deserve it’. No wonder why some people would just fall in love with a no-strings date; just for the fact that you’re having such great time without any of the nagging and other obligations. Beyond that whole ‘love at first sight’, most people fall in love when they realise how compatible they are with someone else; they think: “hey this could work for the future”. If you’re having a great time in bed with your naughty partner every time you see them, you might just end up wondering whether that is what real love is all about.

So realistically, you shouldn’t go out looking for love by using adult dating sites. Those places are there for people who want to have a good time, they’re not looking for love. But let’s say you’ve been hooking up with someone a few times and you develop feelings for them. Your best bet is to tell them, it might screw things up but you can’t leave that imbalance into your relationship. If one just want fun and the other wants love; things are going to turn sour… And who knows? Maybe they might feel the same way. It’s either gain them or lose them, but you just need to grab your courage into your own hands and do the right thing.