Understanding the progress of adult entertainment

Adult entertainment has ceased to be a taboo subject to become an industry that generates income of more than 70,000 million dollars a year worldwide. The business came to our country a little more than 20 years ago, but it was in the last decade when it registered a rebound due to the greater interest of people in the full exercise of their sexuality, more information on sexual health and the proliferation of products and services linked to the subject. As a result, the formal establishments of the turnaround have registered an exponential increase, going from half a hundred in the year 2000, to about 300 stores today.

Even so, there is a great market to conquer with innovative proposals that in addition to sex toys, erotic and fantasy lingerie, intimate lubricants, massage oils and condoms, offer other items such as jewelry, furniture and books without forgetting other values ​​added as advice or sex therapy.

Customer segment

In any case, it is a market in constant growth, made up of men and women who want to enrich the exercise of their sexuality through external elements. The erotic business has an immense potential that covers most markets especially sex cams market. Most franchises focus on men and women over 25 years of age and 40% of the clients belong to alternative lifestyles, people or couples (double income, not children) who travel and consume cutting-edge technological products. The frequent consumers are women (at a rate of six for every ten men), although the indicator may vary slightly in online sales, where it has been seen that males predominate.

The transformation

With the passage of time, the turn was transformed and although there are still establishments attached to the original concept, now the sex shops have migrated towards an erotic model or boutique store where in addition to sex toys and fine lingerie, it is possible to acquire books on sexuality or even get sexual counseling or therapy.