For me, as someone that works in the sex industry and knows both clients and the beautiful smart and sexy escorts working with the escort agencies, the question for me is not why do men use escorts. The question for me is why more men do not see escorts, or see them more frequently.

Begin with why men hire escorts in the first place and work from there. The first, most common and most obvious reason is for sex. Well, yes of course. But why? It is rarely that the men who see clients cannot get laid anywhere else. Most of them are perfectly attractive and some are gorgeous and lovely. Put that out of your mind. But men in sex free marriages need to get their rocks off somewhere, and escorts give them a way to do that without any emotional attachment or the feeling of “cheating” on your spouse in the same way that an affair does. That probably covers the largest number of regular clients who see Ibiza escorts. There are also men who just want to get laid without the hassle and cost of going through the mating ritual of visiting bars, clubs or organising dates through apps such as Tinder. Compared to taking the financial risk of going out on dates, seeing an escort is a damned good investment. Crappy if you want a relationship, because you are not going to “save” a professional escort girl and they are very unlikely to want to go out with a man who has been a client, whatever films like Pretty Woman might say. And few guys could handle dating a current or former sex worker.

Lastly, escorts and their sisters in the kink community offer the kind of sex that men cannot find with their wives and girlfriends or are afraid to ask for. But things that clients might think of as edgy or kinky are just another day at the office for the majority of escorts and sex workers of all kinds. Anal? Sure. Water sports (look it up, along with Golden Showers), yep just not on my damn bed, thank you very much indeed. Hard sports? Giving, no problem, Receiving? Pretty much no chance, but there are always exceptions. Uniforms? Toys? Costumes? High heels? Threesomes? Foursomes? Orgies? Of course. All a client has to do is ask.